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A big question mark appeared over my head when my cousin suggested Vietnam as our next destination. I was like, why Vietnam?, In addition to the fact that they have a bad reputation when it comes to bag-snatching, con artist and all other schemes. Then we realized, regardless of the place there will always be somebody who will take advantage of you and your situations. We live in a contaminated moral environment. But we need not to be afraid or tremble at them as the Lord will never leave or forsake us.

After hours of discussions, we have agreed to give it a try and see what it really has to offer.

1. Coffee culture

When it comes to coffee we always think of Brazil or Columbia. So I find it very trivia that currently, the country is the World’s second largest coffee producer. In Ho Chi Minh, We had the best coffee we have ever tasted. It is absolutely delicious even the one on the street. You’ll surely ask for more!


2.  Delicious Food

Food is always a good reason to explore to a new country. In general, Vietnamese food is heavily influenced by French and Chinese due to its colonial history. Their fresh and raw ingredients complement to bring out a unique and rich taste.
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Delicious Rolls
Perfect comfort food
Perfect comfort food

Don’t worry about your figure: splurge yourself as You’ll find great food on the street.

WanderPinoy_Vietnam_Streetfood3. People

A prominent reason why we want to go back to a certain place is because of People. After all of the negative and scary articles, it turns out, Vietnamese are kind and hospitable. They make visitors feel welcome and are always willing to help. When my brother had a light motorbike accident, the people from the street helped him with no hesitation. A true act of kindness and a grace from God.

4. Budget Friendly

If you are looking for an affordable travel destination with rich cultural history and diversity, Vietnam is the right place for you. Everything is generally affordable. There are several of hostels at prices below $30/room/night.  Also, it has a reasonably low cost of living, but of course it still depends on your lifestyle.

There is a street called Pham Ngu Lao, a Backpackers haven where several Hostels, Shops, Bars, and Restaurants are lineup.



Conclusion: Surprisingly, the whole experience made me fall in fall with Vietnam. It is a place with so much to offer, and much better than I had anticipated. We’re glad we took a chance, totally no regrets. I can’t wait to go back!

WanderPinoy_Vietnam_PostOffice WanderPinoy_Vietnamp_SaigonBasilicaHow to get there?

From Manila book a flight through Cebupacificair or Philippine Airlines.
Travel time: 2 hours

To save travel fare, Always book your flight ahead of time.

Must Know!

Vietnam is an hour behind Manila time