September 17, 2013 wanderpinoy 2Comment

Have you still remember the first time you got a crush, first day at college, your first job ever or anything that you’ve done for the very first time? Well, I bet you do. because there is always a first time for everything.  It is the breakthrough that enlighten us to appreciate where we are in the moment, especially when life sometimes feels like a blot on the landscape.

I remember my very first solo flight. People call it Traveling alone but I’d rather describe it as “embracing one’s self”. I just got fascinated on how some people were able to explore the world unaccompanied and yet they get satisfaction. I’ve never done this before but I’ve always known it is something that I had to do. And i believe the destination didn’t really mattered, but the journey and its purpose did.

So when I saw the beautiful Island of Sambawan online,I knew “it was it”. I impulsively booked my flight to Tacloban. It took me only 4 months of preparation. As time was approaching really fast, I thought I won’t be able to make it. I was anxious about how I would figure all the planning and frightful of what could come along. A week before my departure, I was still emotionally unprepared. I didn’t even inform my parents about my plan. I just don’t want them to worry. ( perhaps, i was afraid they will not understand. You know our parents. They never wanted us to wander alone)

I’m more than happy to say that my four days of backpacking had become incredibly awesome. And the people I met during my adventure made my experience exceptionally memorable.
God is amazing throughout my journey. He turned bad things into good ones. His goodness is unbelievable! Hence, it is just right for me to give all the credits ONLY to Him.

For people out there, i just want you to know that It’s normal to feel scared. But never let that feeling eat you. You just have to trust yourself and believe in the goodness of the Lord. Believe that your journey will be guided and blessed by Him.

After all, once you’re back in your old pillow you’ll realize that your audacity has paid off. And defeating something that once seemed a BIG challenge; you obtained a new context and confidence in what you can achieve.

  • Lorvie

    I want to try this too “bracing one’s self”. Congrats on your Journey of a King. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am exited for you.

      Happy travels.