March 5, 2015 wanderpinoy 0Comment

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12 | NIV I sincerely pray that God will touch your heart and give you the spirit of wisdom. May you be bold enough to stand for what is right and just. This is my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus.  Post your prayers below.

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“You’re such a great catch” “You’ve always been faithful” “You’d actually be such a good partner” “You are good looking and have a very decent job” “You’re smart, sweet and nice” So… why are you single? Oh, that dreaded question that no single person likes to answer.  We are too tired and choke up with such a question that makes us feel as if being single is a crime. Well in fact, it is not. But there’s no denying that the question is not always an easy to answer. we are all unique individual and with different purpose in life….

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I’ve been thinking over how to write this post for some time now. I only prayed to visit at least one country this year. But when my journey of seeing his great creations begins, my travel does not stop from one place.  After just over 10 months I have finally been to 8 countries and 16 local destinations. I’m truly in awe.  I am saying this not to brag about with how many places I’ve been to because to travel is not a race. I believe to see and to experience are two different things, the latter is more essential….

December 22, 2014 wanderpinoy 0Comment

When I was a child, Christmas has been one the most awaited holidays for me. Well, I waited for it predominantly because: It is one the most celebrated occasions in the family and also my birthday. I remember I would make my list out for what I wanted from Santa and I was hopeful all items from the list will be granted, and I would even hang shoe sock the night before. It is a period when most of us get so thrilled waking up I the morning and see a lots of incomparable gifts and for the never-ending gatherings. I’ve…

December 3, 2014 wanderpinoy 0Comment

I am going to turn 26 in several weeks from now, And I got thinking about how lucky I was 26 years and all the things i had learned along the way. Here are 26 things in no particular order: The truth about Prayer: it works and is powerful than we know. God hears our cries and sees the nature of our hearts. Freedom and responsibility always come together. Before we aspire of freedom we must be ready of its responsibilities. Get out of your comfort zone. Take risks but it should always be calculated. Always take pictures of the people you meet…