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Vietnam tour is incomplete without visiting the Cu Chi Tunnel. As part of our vacation we decided that we had to check it out and we are all very glad that we did. The tunnels were implausible and hard to picture that people lived in there for so long. For those of you who might be claustrophobic, you might find the crawl through the tunnels a bit overwhelming.

inside the Cuchi Park

WanderPinoy_CuhiTunnel_womanVietnamese women were mainly responsible for the clearing away of wreckage after the bombings. They also played a hidden part in the war. They not only helped in the tunnel-building, caring the dead and wounded soldiers but had also served as a lookout for them.


A military workshop where it shows how the vietnamese recycle the bombs and make a deadly trap.

Tunnels fragments are improved for Tourists, to give them a chance to walk through it. I suggest you to think very prudently before you get inside the tunnel. It normally takes only about 15 minutes. But the feeling in a very narrow space under a layer of earth can be somewhat uncomfortable, and you may want to get out as soon as possible.

Today some part of original tunnels still stand, it is a proof that the fortitude of mind and character of people and not technology can determine who wins a war.