June 9, 2016 wanderpinoy 0Comment

Ah, Paris! La ville de l’amour

When people learn about my travel they most often will ask me which about my favorite city, I always have my standard top 3 picks. Paris is not one of them. I know for most people, going to Paris is the trip of a lifetime. But don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the city. It is beautiful on its own unique way.

The city of light was not even part of my initial plan as I am not a fan of Paris. So what made me decide to include this? Simply because a trip to Europe will never be complete without seeing the iconic Eiffel tower, and more than that, I want to personally meet the most famous woman in the world, Mona Lisa.

 I arrived in Charles De Gaulle late at night. I was rushing as I need to catch the last metro going to the center. The vibe was not as I expected. I went with expectations of glamour and extravagant, but I found it quite the opposite. The metro was dirty, some places looked sketchy, and there were even parts where there a lot of homeless people. but that goes for literally any major city. I think I didn’t really manage my expectations properly.Contrary to the bad Parisian reputation, I honestly did find them very helpful. I just didn’t Eiffel in love with the city. I’m hoping that by returning will change my mind.

Overall, I enjoyed walking through the city while munching a classic croissant, and visiting some of the famous and historic monuments. 

I went up the Eiffel tower, patiently waiting as the sun disappears below the horizon, painting the sky shades of red, and I thanked God that I was standing in the most iconic tower on earth. The experience was surreal. I stayed for awhile and didn’t even bother the cold as I watched the city lit up.