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European tour is something that almost everyone dreams about. In three weeks from now, I will be making my dream a reality. I booked this particular trip early this year during a piso fare (no surge charge) from Cebupac for only Php 700. I will tell more about it on my next post.

I would like to note that this blog post is for the SHORT TERM TOURIST VISA, if you’re looking for someone with an experience of obtaining a fiancé, immigrant, working, student visa, I can’t help you with it, sorry.

Philippine passport holders are required Schengen visa to visit one or more of these Member States. This visa is valid in all Schengen states for a stay of up to 90 days within a six-month period for a visit, tourism or business. It is not valid for employment.

The following countries are the members of the Schengen agreement.

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hungary
  11. Iceland
  12. Italy
  13. Latvia
  14. Liechtenstein
  15. Lithuania
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malta
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Poland
  21. Portugal
  22. Slovakia
  23. Slovenia
  24. Spain
  25. Sweden
  26. Switzerland

Where to apply for Schengen Visa?

Visa applications must be lodged at the Embassy/Consulate of the country of intended visit. If your plan is to visit several countries, visa application must be made at the Embassy/Consulate of the main destination country—meaning the length of stay in this destination is the longest. If the length of stay in each country is almost the same, apply at the country of first entry.

In my case, I applied in Czech Embassy as this is my main destination and the total number of days in Czech Republic is longer than the other countries in my itinerary. 

The embassy requires setting an appointment through online for the Visa Interview. To set your appointment, click here

For my visa interview, I wore a long sleeves and slacks. Just look decent and presentable and that’s what’s important. Prior to my interview, I did a quick Google search and asked my brother to give me an idea of how the interview processing will go.

It was a quick, very pleasant and relaxed interview. The consul just asked me a few questions and it’s done. Be honest and confident.  When you speak, speak up and well like you would when having normal conversations. After the interview, I waited to be called for the official receipt. Then the consul gave me a piece of paper indicating the number to call for the follow up. Overall, it went well. I got my visa after a week.

What are the requirements needed?

  1. A duly completed visa application form. To download the form: click here
  2. Travel document / Passport. – Passport should be valid for at least 90 days after the intended departure from Schengen.  It shall contain at least two blank pages, it should have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  3. One (1) recent photograph  Photo size should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with a light-colored background. The photograph must be pasted/glued on the designated space on the upper right side corner of the first page of the application form
  4. Accommodation Confirmation. – As for hotel bookings, I booked my hotels using I selected those that can be cancelled at a later time in case I got an unfavorable reply in my visa application, and does not require down payment.
  5. Official Bank Certificate (proof of financial means) –
    • copies of bank statements showing transaction history for the past 3 months 
    • copy of passbook showing transaction history
  6. Roundtrip flight reservation / booking.
  7. Travel medical insurance. – I got mine from BPI. 
  8. Other documents to support the visa application such as:
    • For employees: Certificate of Employment, Leave Approval
    • For business owners: Business papers (SEC/DTI Certification)
    • For students: Certificate of Enrollment
    • For minors: Affidavit of support and consent of parents (specially of the non-travelling parent) or legal guardian
      • Copy of passport of parents or legal guardian
      • Birth certificate of the minor certified by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
      • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) clearance
  9. Cover Letter – This is where you can explain your reason for visiting Europe and applying for a Schengen Visa. A simple but direct to the point letter will be enough.

Insurance Companies in the Philippines:

  • ACE Insurance Philippines
  • Chartis Philippines Insurance Inc.,
  • Assist-Card
  • Blue Cross
  • BPI-MS Insurance Corporation
  • Fortune General Insurance Corporation
  • MAA Insurance
  • Malayan Insurance Company Inc.,
  • MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corporation,
  • Paramount Life and General Insurance Co.,
  • PNB General Insurers Co. Inc.,
  • Standard Insurance Co. Inc.,
  • UCPB General Insurance Co. Inc.,
  • WorldWide Travel Insurance Plans,
  • Everest International Group Administrators Inc.,
  • Federal Phoenix Assurance Co. Inc.

Visa Fees – PHP 3,150

To claim your passport:
Once a follow-up has been made and the passport was confirmed for pick-up, the applicant may claim his/her passport personally or by his/her authorized representative. The representative must have with him/her an authorization letter signed by the passport holder and duly notarized.Passports may be picked up at these times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 nn to 1:00 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Tips in Schengen Visa Application:

  • Complete your requirements and documents first
  • Finalized your flight booking, itinerary, accommodations, tour schedules
  • Double check everything before proceeding to the application of visa
  • You can apply and make an appointment as early as 3 months prior to your European trip.
  • Make sure to be at the embassy at least thirty minutes before your scheduled appointment. You may not be allowed inside if you are late for your appointment. Also bring the exact amount for the visa fee
  • Bring your passports for proof of previous travel. 
  • Arrange the documents accordingly 
  • Wear your beautiful smile, and have Faith.