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My heart overflowed with excitement when my previous boss informed me about her friend, who will be having a seven hours layover here in Dubai for her trip to Maldives. I was blissful when she asked me to meet Lexie and to possibly tour her around even for a short period of time, because seven hours is still a long time to just sit in the airport and wait for the flight to takes off.  Besides, I could not imagine how boring it can be for her. On the other hand, I was a little anxious for the reason that I was just a month old here. As much as possible I want her stopover to be a remarkable experience.

tallest building on the planet
tallest building on the planet
Two days prior to her arrival, I downloaded a mobile application to keep myself updated of her flight status. Then the day came; I was able to leave early at the office, and came a little early in the airport as I don’t want to keep her waiting, that’s not going to be a good impression. And with her limited time, I want it to be utilized as it should be.

I stayed guardedly and excitedly checking everyone in the perimeter. In a manner of speaking I’d seen her picture before, but I still had hard time remembering her full face. After a few minutes, a woman in a light-blue sweat shirt came out from nowhere and walked purposefully in my direction. Then all of a sudden a smile appeared on my face, because my instinct told me it was her, and I was right. Hence I instantaneously gave the woman in front of me a hug, to officially welcome her to the land of Camels and Sands. Then I knew from that moment meeting her was one of my purposes in Dubai.

Always follow your instinct.

at Soarikh Restaurant in Rigga Dubai. – Eating Falafel, A traditional Middle Eastern dish of flavored mashed chickpeas and deep-fried. It is typically eaten with pita bread.

When you are in Dubai, getting around the city will never be a problem. The urban planning is unbelievable and the transportation is affordable, convenient and well kept. The metro is connected from the Airport passes through all city attractions, although during peak hours it is loaded. I assure you, some people love Dubai from the moment they set foot in the country.

Downtown Dubia ,lots of shops and many other attractions
Downtown Dubia

The Address, is one of the best 5 Star Luxury hotels in Dubai.
Though it was only a matter of four hours, the time that we’d spent together was enough for me to know how compassionate and good person she is. I enjoyed the chat and the stories we shared. It was fun and worth remembering. And I’m glad because I found a new passion through it; Being a tour guide.  Kidding Aside, meeting her was one of the many nicest things that happened to me in Dubai. I am still amazed how amazing God is. Imagine, who would have thought that in all places, Dubai served as our meeting point. Indeed, it is true that God ordains the times and the places where we should live.Wander_Pinoy_DubaiLayover_mall

I did not only gain an experience of a life time, but also a friendship I could cherish forever. 

Souk Al Bahar, (‘market of the sailor’) derives its name from both its traditional architecture of natural stone corridors, high archways and subdued lighting and its unique ‘sea-side’ location on the Burj Lake
8:00 PM – Depart from Airport terminal 3 to Al Rigga Station
8:30 PM – Dinner at Soarikh Restaurant
9:30 PM – Move off from Al Rigga to Burj Khalifa Station
10:00 PM – Watch the Dancing Fountain at Dubai Mail
10:30 PM – Souvenir Shopping
11:30 PM – Burj Khalifa and etc
12:30 AM – Going back to the airport

 Must Know

  • Visa is required for Filipino. No Visa on Arrival
  • You may consider obtaining a Nol Card, which is valid on Dubai’s metro and buses. It can be purchased in all metro station.
  • All taxis are metered, with rates starting at 3.50 AED (around $0.90 USD) and increasing by approximately 2 AED (around $0.50) per mile.


  • Anette

    How about the Dubai 96 hour transit visa? Can one apply in Dubai airport? I am planning to make a 3 day layover in Dubai (for sightseeing) on my way to Manila from Vienna using budget airline. Thanks