July 12, 2013 wanderpinoy 0Comment

It is not by chance that we meet people. Everyone that we have crossed our path with is not merely by coincidence. It’s a God-intent. There is always a purpose why we bumped into an old friend or even a total stranger. Although our mothers constantly warned us about talking to strangers, there’s nothing quite like making friends while on the road.

On my way back to Tacloban for my afternoon flight to Manila, I decided to maximize my stay in Leyte and visit their famous spots. But then there’s a problem, roaming around the city is out of my itinerary. I do not know how i am supposed to get to these attractions. Amazingly, before i got off the Van Terminal i saw the Sto. Nino Shrine in my peripheral view. Out of adrenaline rush, i shouted loud “para!!” (tagalog for getting off).

Then I luckily met a group of ladies who’s having a backpacking as well. I volunteered to take photos of them and in return they will do me the same favor. It’s a universal language of exchange. Before our tour in the museum ended, I asked where they are headed. Surprisingly, they are also going to San Juanico Bridge which is the most famous landmark in Leyte. Out of their good heart they invited me to join them since we are all strangers in a strange land.

For the past three days I was backpacking all by myself, embracing every bit of myself. But God had a better plan for me. It’s His will that I bumped with them. Though I never thought it is possible but I’m glad it did! So from that moment I’m no longer a soloist I now have a company. Great! Isn’t it?

Inside Sto. Nino Shrine 1010016_10201404119050154_2024501646_nAnd before we headed to our next stop, we went back first to their hotel to checkout and wait for Joe’s friend Kenneth, her classmate in college and who is now working in Tacloban. He toured us around the city and had lunch together in a cozy oriental place. They made my last day in the metropolis a HUGE success. I definitely won’t be able to see the magnificent San Juanico Bridge without them. I am still overwhelmed with their kindness until now.

1002441_10201476118450094_307710585_nMeeting people is not merely by accident, it’s indeed a God intention. And most of the time it happens in an unusual way. And it’s amazing how once a stranger, now a friend.