January 23, 2016 wanderpinoy 12Comment

I have received tons of messages after my recent DIY Europe trip. They’re asking me on how the heck did i manage to do it.

Well, to answer you all, here’s what I did.

The idea here is finding an alternate airports, buy the cheaper of the flights from one airline, and then go find a less expensive flight for the other leg on another airline.  And  I know most savvy travellers have been doing this for decades now.

Though this may take lot of diligence, time, and trouble than simply searching a direct flight. But by doing it, you can certainly get a significant savings. It’s totally worth it. (Well, for me!)

Middle East is one of the best hubs to go to anywhere in europe. Opportunely, Cebupacific and Philippine Airlines have opened their own route to Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar.

I got lucky to find a Rountrip ticket to Kuwait for only php 667.25. Sweet, right? From Kuwait I traveled to Istanbul and took another flight to Athens. All in all, it cost me only php 10,731.92

From Athens, you can find several cheap flights going to Paris, Italy or anywhere in Europe. More on my next post.


Flight Airline Amount Total in PHP
RT Manila to Kuwait Cebupacific  PHP   667.25  PHP         667.25
Kuwait to Istanbul Jazeera Airways  KWD   52.90  PHP     8,317.47
Istanbul to Athens Aegean Airlines  €           33.60  PHP     1,747.20
TOTAL  PHP   10,731.92
 KWD             1.00 157.23
 €                     1.00 52
  • Moja

    How bout the visa?

  • JM Reyes

    By entering Turkey you also need to get Turkish Visa right? even though you have schengen visa.

    • wanderpinoy

      Hi JM,

      If you are planning to stay in the airport, no need for visa. Provided that you have a confirmed return ticket.

      And once you have a valid Schengen visa you can just simply apply for turkish e-visa.

  • Hi! I have a friend from poland who is working in quatar office in poland and is ooffering me a discouonted ticket to get there. But the things is I don’t have any schengen visa yet. I just renewed my passport and I just started my work 2 months ago. What do you think can I do to apply for a schengen. Do I have to ask my friend about invitation letter as well?

    • wanderpinoy

      Hi Rain,

      It would be an advantage if you have a sponsor as he can backup your visa application. But i believe it will be best if you can consult to an experienced authority.

      I hope and wish you good luck. 🙂

  • Mau

    hi how about entering in Kuwait? No need for visa also? since you’re staying also sa airport right?

    • wanderpinoy

      Hi Mau,

      You have to inform the airline carrier ahead of time( i suggest be at the checking counter at least 5 hours) so they can notify the kuwait airport to facilitate you for for your transit.

      And You need to present a valid Return Ticket.

      Happy travels!

  • wanders of eve

    Around what time of the year did you go? Is it cheaper to go, especially in the eastern part, during November to March? Hope you can also post about all the other expenses like accomodation, food, transit from airport to airport and transit visas,land transfers and entrance/passes (I hope I do not sound demanding :)). I read that bus is incredibly cheap, usually in prague-vienna-bratislava-budapest which can go as low as USD10 per way. And lastly, would you encourage or recommend a solo female traveler to this side of the world? Thank you 🙂

  • Josh Loterte

    How many hours did you wait at Kuwait for your trip to Istanbul?

    • wanderpinoy

      Hi Josh, only for two and half hour.