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Layover is an inevitable thing. Airlines have to change airbus or refuel. And If only given a chance we’d rather not to stay longer than 2 hours in the airport just for the connecting flight.

WanderPinoy_windowsWaitingAnd for some who’s not in a tight budget, they’d prefer to pay more than to stay in the airport. And we can’t blame them. But for most of frequent travelers, it means beating high airfares. They are willing to practically sacrifice some time and convenience for savings.

Here are the 3 Tips to transform it into an Opportunity:

Know before you Go”. Allotting enough time to gain knowledge about the places you will be visiting will help your trip to be more safe, successful, exciting and memorable trip. And with the Internet easily available now, doing this wont’ kill much of your time. But I suggest not just simply surf – save and print out some copies in case of emergency.

My cousin and I had a flight bound to Dubai last September and because of tight budget we preferred the economical way. We took time to research and find out which airline could give us the lowest price including the airport that we will be stuck. Worry not as more airports now have set up plenty of recreational activities: spa, parlor or massage. So we end up with an 18 hrs layover in China.


Always Determine whether you can leave the airport during your layover. Most of the countries offers 24-48 transit visa for passengers depending on the passport you hold. For us Filipino, there are only certain airports wherein we are entitled for this.

Welcome to Yunnan!

The 13 degree celsius temperature swirled around us as we stepped out of the airport.WanderPinoy_layover_chinaaccomodation

Thanks to God because a free accommodation at the nearest hotel was given to us by the Airline.

A short excursion into the city could be fun. Some places like Hong Kong, Dubai, Vancouver and Amsterdam have trains that connect the airport with city. It’s also a great way to kill few hours. But don’t forget to be back at the airport at least two hours before your flight takes off.

Free Morning Buffet
Free Morning Buffet
Google Translte, please!
Google Translte, please!
Let’s get it on!
simple and clean
This was the nearest station we can get off. As much as we like to go a little further, our limited time did not permit us.
the busy commuters