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The fear of not going becomes greater than the fear of going

  I’ve gotten a lot of odd reactions whenever I do travel alone; it’s silly, unsafe, I was crazy and just plain stupid. Apparently I sturdily disagree. It has been the toughest and challenging decisions I’ve ever made. It’s exciting and adventurous, and it mostly is. At first this can seem like a daunting prospect, you will be frightened and that’s normal. But don’t let the fear stop you; there are many reasons why everyone should do it at least once. 

  It gives you a lot more flexibility on what you want to do, see and eat. You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to take a midday nap or skip some of the famous touristy things that don’t sound all that interesting. You could do things on your way. You could just be. And you’ll learn to love your own company.

  Though I remember on my last night in Europe, It was an extremely chilly night; touching one degree that caused me to pull up my collar, tied my scarf tightly around my neck. A cold wind rushed into my face as I walked through the high street of Bratislava at late in the evening. All of a sudden, the realization that I was alone in a foreign country hit me like how it makes the trees rustle like a living things. I was both terrified and beyond excited. I missed my mom, my dad, the food, the real conversation. Oh, boy, I was lonely. And frankly, it is totally normal. Traveling alone is not always about liberty, excitement and happiness; you can be lonely at times too. There is no assurance that it will as sweet as honey as you have to deal with all problems that come up on your own. If you get bored, you can do literally anything you want. But what more exciting about it is the immersive experience you get. It forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, which can be surprisingly empowering. It’s a different way of seeing the world, and that can be really good.

   Lastly, the world is bursting of solo voyagers, there is nowhere in the world that there are not people walking around by themselves. If we wait for seamless conditions, we will never get anything done. It might not be a bad idea to go on a few little solo quests close to home as practice.

first solo trip way back 2013

The challenge of traveling alone is a true test of your abilities. At the end, it is about getting lost in the streets, stumbling upon great places, meeting people and preserving memories. 

Have you ever gone on a solo trip?

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